Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan: friendly people Iran’s main attraction

By Jane Freebury

As I look around on the flight to Tehran, none of the other female passengers is wearing a headscarf. Not yet, anyhow, and not until we land. And Argo, the movie about US Embassy hostages escaping post-revolutionary Iran, seems a rather surprising in-flight entertainment option as we make a low-key entry into the Islamic Republic.

So day one and here goes. I drape a scarf over my hair. There will be two weeks of this imposition, but with the prospect of ancient palaces, a caravanserai on the fabled Silk Road, the heady experiences of Persian bazaars, and romantic Shiraz and Isfahan all ahead of me, it will surely be well worth it. …


The full article is in The Weekend Australian 17-18 December 2016

True Adventure: to the Sepik River and Bismarck Sea

Bismarck Sea beach with True North in distance - Image supplied courtesy of North Star Cruises Australia.


Published in travel section of The Australian on 23 April 2016.

by Jane Freebury

Sepik welcome - Image supplied courtesy of North Star Cruises Australia.

It’s a slow reveal in first light after an all-night passage
along Papua New Guinea’s north coast. Yesterday from
our anchorage at Bagabag Island, we flew up the slopes of
the dormant volcano on Kar Kar Island, blanketed in
plantation sorghum and coconut, and did a lap around its
forested caldera. Could it get more exciting? Yes, it can.

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Images supplied courtesy of North Star Cruises, WA

Stilt village pm Lake Kambaramba - Image supplied courtesy of North Star Cruises Australia.