First Man

Rated M, 2 hrs 21 mins All Canberra cinemas Review by © Jane Freebury 4.5 Stars   The final frontier gets rather mixed treatment from… Read More »First Man


Rated M, 1 hr 18 mins Screening at Dendy, Canberra Review by © Jane Freebury 3.5 Stars Obstacles that directors face on film shoots range… Read More »Jirga

The Insult

Review by © Jane Freebury   Screening at Palace Electric Rated M, subtitled 4.5 Stars   The Insult begins with a petty altercation over a… Read More »The Insult

Summer 1993

Review © Jane Freebury PG, Subtitled Screening at Palace Electric 4 Stars   Without fanfare or introduction, a little girl wanders from room to room,… Read More »Summer 1993


Review by © Jane Freebury 3.5 Stars At Palace Electric, and Dendy Canberra Centre   From the flamboyant outfits and fishnet gloves she wears for… Read More »RBG

The Wife

Review by © Jane Freebury She warns her husband there are crumbs in his beard, reminds him to take his medication, and is diplomatic towards… Read More »The Wife