Red Joan

Rated M, 1 hr 50 mins Capitol Cinema Manuka, Dendy Canberra Centre, Palace Electric New Acton 2.5 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury Any film with Judi Dench commands attention. She  has brought a mix of authority, vulnerability, and humour to every role, from James Bond’s boss, M, to author Iris Murdoch, to a couple… Continue reading Red Joan


Reviewed by © Jane Freebury It can’t be as bad as all that, can it? I mean, Suburbicon is directed by the sophisticate George Clooney. Those brilliant, witty purveyors of comedy noir, Joel and Ethan Coen, wrote the original screenplay and Matt Damon is in the lead. All are men of discernment, with talent to… Continue reading Suburbicon


       My Cousin Rachel Handsome, lush, gorgeous to look at and not nearly as over the top as the trailer suggests. Romantic obsession has been plausibly updated, as a young man who is used to male company – Sam Clafin excellent in the role –  falls hard for the allure of the unknown.     3.5… Continue reading shortcuts


Review by © Jane Freebury It can take an outsider to reveal what we cannot see for ourselves. So the news that German film director Oliver Hirschbiegel was making a film about the people’s princess, weak link in the British royal chain, sounded more than promising. That Hirschbiegel had succeeded with other material best left… Continue reading Diana

Red Hill

Review by Jane Freebury It’s one helluva first day at work for a young policeman who has moved to a quiet country town to improve his wife’s health during her pregnancy. His first call is to a property where a horse lies disembowelled, the farmer wittering about phantoms on the prowl. The rookie policeman’s second… Continue reading Red Hill

Sex and the City

Review by Jane Freebury OMG, a review of SATC when I haven’t paid attention to the series on TV! What to say? Much of my thirties spent in t-shirts, flat shoes and in the company of small children, might disqualify me from the show’s demographic of swinging singles in four-inch heels and designer dresses. Can… Continue reading Sex and the City