Danger Close: the Battle of Long Tan

Rated MA 15+, 1 hr 58 mins All cinemas 3.5 Stars Review © Jane Freebury In 1966, Long Tan was just an abandoned village inside a rubber plantation not far from Saigon, today’s Ho Chi Minh City, in southern Vietnam. After 18 August that year, when Australian and New Zealand solders encountered Viet Cong and… Continue reading Danger Close: the Battle of Long Tan

The White Crow

Rated M, 2 hrs 7 mins Dendy Canberra Centre and Palace Electric New Acton 3.5 Stars Review © Jane Freebury Before the great Russian dancer Rudolf Nureyev defected to the West in June 1961 and became a household name, he had one or two decisions to make. He was challenging convention with a new approach… Continue reading The White Crow


Rated M, 1 hr 55 mins Dendy Canberra Centre, Capitol Cinemas Manuka, Palace Electric New Acton 3.5 stars Review © Jane Freebury The concept for Yesterday is terrific. It’s hard to imagine a better reason for getting the Beatles’ back catalogue into a movie, played one by one and in each song’s entirety, as though… Continue reading Yesterday


Rated G, 1 hr 32 mins Dendy Cinema Canberra Centre, Palace Electric New Acton 3.5 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury In a couple of decades, twentysomething Australians may be turning to their parents to ask: what were you thinking? why didn’t you do something? Velvet Gameau is a likely exception. Her dad, Damon, has… Continue reading 2040

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

Rated MA15+ 2 hrs 12 mins Palace Electric 3.5 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury This film is from the Middle East, written and directed by Rami Alayan and Muayad Alayan, and about infidelity.  An affair between a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman who met as he made deliveries at her café in West… Continue reading The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

Green Book

M, 2 hrs 10 mins Capitol Cinema Manuka, Dendy Canberra Centre Review by © Jane Freebury 3.5 Stars A highly entertaining movie released weeks ago and in a major upset won the Oscar for Best Film. Green Book has since had a new lease of life at the box office, which was to be expected.… Continue reading Green Book

Everybody Knows

Penelope Cruz (Laura) and Ricardo Darin (Alejandro)

Review by © Jane Freebury M, 2 hr 13 mins Capitol Cinemas Manuka, Dendy Canberra Centre 3.5 Stars In the ambience of the Spanish countryside, star couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, look so completely at home it is easy to forget that in Everybody Knows they are being directed by a filmmaker from a… Continue reading Everybody Knows


Rated M, 1 hr 18 mins Screening at Dendy, Canberra Review by © Jane Freebury 3.5 Stars Obstacles that directors face on film shoots range from the trivial to the legion that sink projects altogether. They very nearly sank Benjamin Gilmour’s project when he arrived in Pakistan with lead actor Sam Smith only to discover… Continue reading Jirga

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot

Review © Jane Freebury Rated M, 1 hr 54 mins Screening at Dendy and Palace Electric   The cartoon that lends its caption to this Gus Van Sant film shows a sheriff’s posse staring at an empty wheelchair among cactus in the desert. The rough line drawing instantly conveys a lot about the artist and… Continue reading Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot


Review by © Jane Freebury 3.5 Stars At Palace Electric, and Dendy Canberra Centre   From the flamboyant outfits and fishnet gloves she wears for public events, to the lace collars worn to deliver opinion as a justice of the US Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a sense of occasion. This distinguished gender equality… Continue reading RBG


Review by © Jane Freebury Somehow or other, the South African-American actress Charlize Theron is able to switch between the most intimate of stories, like this one, Tully, and action adventure and make it work. As the one-armed road warrior in Mad Max: Fury Road, she nailed Imperator Furiosa with a steely performance while here… Continue reading Tully

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Review by © Jane Freebury As the filmmaker behind every second person’s favourite comedy, Four Weddings and a Funeral, the director Mike Newell has had a bit to live up to since 1994. This, his latest film, is in similar vein to that modern classic with a trans-Atlantic romance, an ill-matched couple, and a cosy… Continue reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Molly’s Game

Review © Jane Freebury The bluff and counter-bluff of a poker game is no guarantee of a visually appealing and viscerally engaging experience, even if there’s something tangible at stake like a callow celeb losing a mountain of money. But if we’re watching the young entrepreneur who orchestrates these illegal events, then we’re talking. Molly’s… Continue reading Molly’s Game

The Teacher

Review by © Jane Freebury This is a film that shows what’s possible on screen with a good idea that is well thought through and delivered in a confined space. Clarity of purpose can make for some engrossing drama. Even the necessary period detail here that makes a drab contribution to production design, doesn’t get… Continue reading The Teacher