The Card Counter

  MA 15+, 116 minutes 3 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury   A mind like a steel trap has its up and downside. Ever since he served an eight-and-a-half-year term in military prison, William Tell/Tillich, played by Oscar Isaac, has been working hard at obliterating his past with nights spent at the casino. Although … Read more

Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn

  R 18+, 106 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury After whips, masks and explicit sex open the show, this argumentative, chaotic film from Romania sets off in various more unexpected directions. It is actually a social protest film, and it won the prize for best film at the Berlin film festival … Read more

The Green Knight

  MA 15+, 130 minutes 3 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury With or without a head on his shoulders, the Green Knight who disrupts a feast at King Arthur’s court is an enigmatic character of English myth and legend. What did he want? What did he mean in the great scheme of things? And … Read more


MA 15+, 112 minutes  Three stars   Review by © Jane Freebury Among the lists recommending the best of this or that out on the net, there are sites listing feature movies about mass murder. It comes as a bit of a shock to realise when researching Nitram, a film about Australia’s most notorious mass … Read more

The Guilty

  M, 90 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury It’s always a bit of a jolt to be reminded how much drama a movie can coax from a few actors in a single location with a bunch of different camera positions and steady leavening of the emotional intensity. It takes skill to … Read more

The Stronghold

MA 15+, 105 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury The Hollywood buddy movie as we know it comes in various generic guises and is often framed as comedy with two male leads. In buddy movies it usually takes two, but on this occasion, it has taken three. This French cop action film … Read more


MA 15+, 91 minutes 3 Stars         Review by © Jane Freebury When a film gets remade, it’s intriguing for the quizzical questions it prompts. If the original worked well, why would it need a revision, whether it’s good or indifferent? If it was worth making again does it throw new light … Read more


M, 107 minutes 3 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury   Beauty pageants demand so much more of contestants than they used to. Parading around in bikinis and glittering gowns used to be the trick, but now you need to show that you excel in other ways like practising karate, playing violin, being an engineer … Read more

Shiva Baby

  M, 99 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury Who brings a baby to a shiva?’ Guests at a funeral keep asking each other the question in this coming-of-age film set deep within New York’s Jewish community. It’s a neat play on words in a feature that is often razor sharp, if … Read more

Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on a Jungle Cruise. Courtesy Disney   M, 127 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury This theme-park inspired Disney feature offers a charming romantic couple front and centre and a sense of fun. If it tends a bit cumbersome at times, the spirited pair headlining the fantasy … Read more

A Perfect Fit

PG, 112 minutes 3 Stars Netflix   Review by © Jane Freebury The island of Bali, beautiful in so many ways, forms the backdrop for this sweet romance from the Indonesian film industry. The story is set among the locals and has virtually nothing to do with the foreign visitors that have been descending on … Read more


  MA15+, 97 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury It was, at least in part, a career in opera that saw Phillida Lloyd direct one of the most successful screen musicals ever, Mamma Mia!. She had built a terrific reputation for herself as a director of opera when she worked on the … Read more

Heroic Losers

  M, 116 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury As you might expect, this amiable comedy from Argentina involves a group of blokes who have had enough of hard times. Their scheme to lift themselves out of their poverty could be a goer, but they are tricked out of the finances they’ve … Read more

Breaking Bread

M, 85 minutes 3 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury         What is the best hummus? Is it Israeli or is it Arab? Opting for one over the other is a political choice in the highly politicised state of Israel. A curious fact revealed in this new culinary documentary from Israel that … Read more


About a girl desperate for a gig in fashion. An origin story about how Cruella De Vil became a villain, but who’s asking anyway? PG, 134 minutes 3 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury             Until the credits roll in this new Disney extravaganza, any impressionable kid will be thinking … Read more