In the Name of the Land

3 Stars M, 103 minutes Review by © Jane Freebury French farmers sure know how to stage a media event. In recent times, they have let sheep loose at the Louvre, dumped tonnes of pumpkins and manure at the doors of government buildings. A recent demo saw a battalion of tractors from around the country… Continue reading In the Name of the Land

La Belle Epoque

M, 110 minutes 4 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury This delicious tale of lovers a half century apart is a postmodern romance. Part your own romantic adventure in an era of choice, part relationship drama. Stalwarts of French cinema, actors Fanny Ardant and Daniel Auteuil, feature as a jaded older married couple, in a… Continue reading La Belle Epoque

We’ll End Up Together

(aka Little White Lies 2) M, 134 minutes 4 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury In 2010, Little White Lies was an ensemble piece about a group of friends who decided to go ahead with their reunion even though one of their number had been critically injured in a motorbike accident. The bittersweet comedy about… Continue reading We’ll End Up Together