Two Tickets to Greece

Laure Calamy, Olivia Cote and Kristin Scott Thomas in Two Tickets to Greece. Image courtesy Palace Films

M, 111 minutes 4 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury Blazing sunlight, deep blue seas, white-washed walls and plenty of space on the beach for everyone to do their own thing. The siren call of the Greek islands is timeless, but the enticing holiday destination is put under serious strain with an incompatible travel companion.… Continue reading Two Tickets to Greece

The Rose Maker

Despite some twee familiarity at the start, this story about a tough, committed businesswoman becomes a story about youth and second chances   M, 95 minutes 4 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury Another year, another rose show, and still no recognition for the quality of her blooms. Is it because the rose breeder… Continue reading The Rose Maker