Heroic Losers

  M, 116 minutes 3 Stars   Review by © Jane Freebury As you might expect, this amiable comedy from Argentina involves a group of blokes who have had enough of hard times. Their scheme to lift themselves out of their poverty could be a goer, but they are tricked out of the finances they’ve… Continue reading Heroic Losers

Everybody Knows

Penelope Cruz (Laura) and Ricardo Darin (Alejandro)

Review by © Jane Freebury M, 2 hr 13 mins Capitol Cinemas Manuka, Dendy Canberra Centre 3.5 Stars In the ambience of the Spanish countryside, star couple Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, look so completely at home it is easy to forget that in Everybody Knows they are being directed by a filmmaker from a… Continue reading Everybody Knows