The Portable Door

    PG, 116 minutes 3 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury Set in old London town on the double decker route to Shoreditch, this new Australian film starts out as a playful reminder of the pitfalls of starting out in the big city. Whether you have blown in from the regions or arrived from… Continue reading The Portable Door


M, 98 minutes 4 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury A caring family, lifelong friendship, a loving husband, with a home in The Hamptons thrown in for good measure. What could be wrong? Well, everything for a woman who is facing a debilitating disease that will slowly end her life. She has decided that before… Continue reading Blackbird


A different take on the eccentric Icelandic drama that makes more of community, the challenging environment and laconic Aussie humour PG, 119 minutes 4 Stars Review by © Jane Freebury Before the camera even begins to roll, feuding sheep farmers as woolly and muddle-headed as their flocks is funny in itself. The original version of… Continue reading Rams