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Review by © Jane Freebury While the studios compete for audiences, outdoing each other with bigger and noisier SFX extravaganzas, along comes a small film… Read More »Beginners

Red Dog

Review by Jane Freebury Based on a tall tale with a bit of truth to it, this is a home-grown version of the story of… Read More »Red Dog


Review by © Jane Freebury What do we know about the lives that others leave behind when they arrive in their adopted country? Migrant cultures… Read More »Incendies

Red Hill

Review by Jane Freebury It’s one helluva first day at work for a young policeman who has moved to a quiet country town to improve… Read More »Red Hill

I Am Love

Review by © Jane Freebury There’s something about Tilda Swinton. The way she looks and the characters she plays have an ethereal quality, like something… Read More »I Am Love


Review by Jane Freebury This is an out-of-date news story, but it’s my guess there’s life in it yet. Though it’s hard to credit why… Read More »Balibo