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Review by © Jane Freebury The face of actor Bruno Ganz, his gentle, impish features transformed by the intensity of performance in this portrayal of… Read More »Downfall


Review by © Jane Freebury Experiencing this striking new movie from Turkish-German director Fatih Akin is like colliding with an artist’s pent-up fury and frustration.… Read More »Head-On


Review by Jane Freebury A highway prostitute who in the late 1980s became a serial killer is now the subject of three films. British filmmaker… Read More »Monster

The Hours

Review by © Jane Freebury This beautifully constructed film and its fragile characters will delight its audiences, even though it is profoundly sad. It glides… Read More »The Hours


Review by Jane Freebury When Mullet returns home to the small coastal town he left behind three years before, family and friends are somewhat underwhelmed.… Read More »Mullet